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America’s prison cells and therapists’ offices are struggling to keep up with a very common and very predictable tragic side effect of its broken home and blended family “new normal,” which very few potential stepfathers are concerned about and even fewer are actually warned about.

Sure, you can’t even fathom being attracted to that prepubescent little girl, now. In the unlikely event that you are a pedophile, then you know exactly why you’re marrying a woman with a young daughter and what you intend to do.

What occurs more often than not is their healthy and normal decrease in interest in sex is blamed squarely on their partner, and they gradually withdraw from the bedroom because they don’t see why they should bother to do it if they don’t feel like it.

The middle-aged stepfather’s dilemma now comes into focus.

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Kelly's Ex-Girlfriend Is About To Drop All The Pee Tea» Mariah Carey & Manager Stella Bulochnikov Reportedly Part Ways Mary J.Ask yourself if you want to spend a decade in the presence of a big, shiny, juicy apple that you’re absolutely starving for, but will be eternally damned for if you ever take one single bite.Ask yourself if you have the profound self-discipline and willpower necessary to fully resist even in the (surprisingly likely) event that she sexually teases you for attention or to spite her mother.In this world, you’re the necessary beta cuckold she’s grudgingly stuck with as her sexual market value spirals, a financial provider and stand-in for all the men in college who got away, the baby daddies she’ll always share a permanent bond of shared parenthood with, and the romance novel heroes who would never allow themselves to be degraded in the way you’ve allowed her to degrade you.But there’s another world, a whole new world, skipping down the hallway in a tank top and short shorts. She looks to you for answers, and she’s at an age where she’s increasingly looking to you rather than her mom for guidance and quality time.