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Question is ambiguous: * On how to install/uninstall/update Wealth-Lab extensions, review [link= Extensions Temp.ashx]this illustrated tutorial[/link] and/or check out the Wealth-Lab User Guide Thanks, Eugene.ZMH 83 fundamental items updated Provider update complete for Morningstar Fundamental Data----------------Update completed (1 min 34.6 sec)---------------- Thanks, Eugene.I installed Morningstar Extension but there are no bars added with EOD data.Here's a fragment of the latest data update log of Morningstar symbols: Updating Provider Morningstar Static ...Since he has a lot of security programs running, Leo advises disabling those.He should check his browser's settings to see if Javascript is enabled.Since he can view javascript comments on other sites, that's probably not the case.Since he's using Chrome, he could disable his add-ons.

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Off course one would need a provider "Add on" to use it in WL This yahoo URL allows downloading last OHLCV data (as EOD, 15 min delayed) any time of the day. [email protected]@@&f=sd1ohgl1v&e="@@@@" = Symbol/Ticker Using this as a standby Yahoo provider will help to circumvent the "missing last EOD data".Cone, With the above URL one can download last data for symbols without history (for example ^VXX-IV).Yes, there isn't any issue with yahoo updating except for symbols for which there is no history, like the one I mentioned.Wonder if this functionality can be Incorporated in future Yahoo provider.If there is a trick to get this even with the existing version, llet me know.