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Bass, who announced he was gay and involved with the model-turned-reality TV star this summer, faces a lonely Christmas after his representative, Cindy Owen, confirmed the split.She says, "They have broken up." Sources close to the couple tell celebrity blogger Perez Hilton the split happened very recently and that it was a mutual decision. They tried a lot of things to make it work - even opening up the relationship - but they would just fight all the time towards the end.

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He explains, "It is not clear how the lawsuit will be structured, but we are committed..goal of the lawsuit is to result in the stopping of your name being used in connection with untruths and gossip on the internet that obviously damage/ruin your name/reputation and lessen your ability to be successful in your profession." Lavandeira has hit back at the claims saying, "Now that he can't comfortably ride Lance Bass' coattails, this is Reichen's latest transparent attempt to get publicity for himself.

He adds, "If privacy is what Lance wants, that's something that's easy to have.

But if you're Lance Bass, and you're going to the gayest town on the gayest day of the year and going to gay parties, you have to expect something." Bass' spokeswoman Cindy Owen and Lehmkuhl's spokeswoman Mara Santino have refused to comment on the Post reports.

Lehmkuhl explains Harris' recent predicament saying, "It's to be outed by someone in the public media and to be a celebrity, and Neil Patrick Harris, I understand, has been 'lanced.'" Bass disclosed his sexuality in July, and said he decided to "speak my mind" because rumors surrounding his sexuality were starting to affect his daily life.

He also announced at the time that he was in a stable relationship with Lehmkuhl, a former Air Force captain and winner of season four of CBS' reality competition The Amazing Race.