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“But the show isn’t really about suicide,” he says.

21), who’ll play six shows per week, with an alternate subbing in for two shows. There’s time.” Professionally, his next moves include an Oct.The lead role in Broadway’s “Dear Evan Hansen” not only earned Ben Platt a Tony Award, he now curates an Instagram account with more star sightings than the Met Gala.Since the musical became a smash hit last fall, celebrities like Julianne Moore, Morgan Freeman and Ralph Fiennes have come backstage night after night to pay their respects. On the afternoon he speaks to Variety, the 24-year-old Platt is reeling from an encounter with Beyoncé.“Like, I’d have a sentiment about my father, and I’d think, ‘Maybe I’ll write that down.’ I’d done it for a couple years.I always hoped maybe this would happen, but I felt weird about actually writing a speech.” Platt performed eight shows a week in “Evan Hansen” for months, but since early September he’s down to six performances, with his understudy Michael Lee Brown performing two matinees a week.