Who is darby stanchfield dating

At the time Abby was already suspicious of Olivia so she was more than happy to assist David with his investigation.There relationship started to get more serious, David even offered Abby a drawer to put some clothes in; but not too long after that she learned that David had a past of beating a girlfriend - which was false of course, the work of Olivia & Harrison. After learning Olivia faked the accusations of David beating his ex-girlfriend, Abby reunites with David.

When Fitz's presidency ended, she rejoined OPA, which is now renamed to QPA (Quinn Perkins & Associates) and run by Quinn Perkins.This was apparently an arranged political marriage. When he fractured three of her ribs, broke her jaw and threw her out into the snow in her nightgown, Olivia Pope took a tire iron to his knee cap. At that time, she helped him with his investigation.She then got Abby the best divorce attorney in the state and got her out of that marriage (). Olivia did not want her to help David get closer to the truth, so she had Harrison Wright plant false information that David beat his ex-girlfriend to break Abby and David up.But the truth soon comes to light and she confesses to David what she did.Abby is very opinionated, whether it is about her colleagues or their clients, she tends to speak up about it. She uses her investigating skills along with her sass to get into crimes scenes where she's not welcome.