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In fact, when asked where the band would like to tour, he said Sicily so he could see some of his roots.

•Adam appears in the videos Love Reality by Reggie and the Full Effect and Goodbye Tonight by Lostprophets.

Lazzara currently maintains an apartment in the Bay Ridge neighborhood of Brooklyn, NY.

Albums: Tell All Your Friends (2002) Where You Want To Be (2004) Louder Now (2006) New Again (2009) Taking Back Sunday (2011) •Adam's TBS nickname, as given by bassist Matt Rubano, is "The Long-Haired Southerner." •Adam dated ex-Taking Back Sunday guitarist/vocalist John Nolan’s sister.

Within the next week, Adam had moved to Bellmore with John, and was the full time bassist.

How strange is this - If only for 2 days, two daughters engaged at the same time. Eisley was main support on their "Louder Now" tour; We went BACK out w/ them in May... Chauntelle and Adam hung out no more than any of us did...

In June 2008 it was announced that Adam had married Misha Vaagen, a resident and bartender of Tyler, Texas, who was also pregnant with their first child together.

They married in his backyard, and in 2009 they had their son named Keaton Ari Danger.

MY POINT IS: im pretty sure that was adams myspace and not a poser. i was sad but yeah but it MIGHT be a publicity stunt. so yeah i don't know what year or time it was when Adam had that hair style.like really sure and well on his myspace he had her as his #1 (top8) and he would write blogs about how much he missed her and how he loved her and he had pictures up of her and theyre like making out ( but it's not like super close) and if you go to hers she has the same thing. i mean adam may have just told an old girlfriend to pretend like theyre together. and on tv he makes jokes about going on dates with other girls and stuff and he NEVER mentions her anywhere.. in the picture where they are making out it is in one of those photo booth thinkgys from a mall ( you can tell) and its black and white and not very close.