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The 82-page document says migration policy will be determined by the UK national interest, ensuring social cohesion and reducing the number of arrivals.

The paper said: 'To be considered valuable to the country as a whole, immigration should benefit not just the migrants themselves but make existing residents better off.'Sir Michael told BBC Breakfast: 'I can't set out the proposals yet, they have not yet been finalised, they are being worked on at the moment.'There is obviously a balance to be struck, we don't want to shut the door, of course not.'We have always welcomed to this country those who can make a contribution to our economy, to our society, people with high skills.'On the other hand we want British companies to do more to train up British workers, to do more to improve skills of those who leave our colleges.'So there's always a balance to be struck.'We're not closing the door on all future immigration but it has to be managed properly and people do expect to see the numbers coming down.' Last night Whitehall sources insisted the document had not been signed off by ministers and immigration policy was still a 'work in progress'.

The proposals included action to slash the number of low-skilled EU workers and force bosses to put British workers first.'We need to get immigration down and we need to show the public that it is being properly controlled.' Under the blueprint, low-skilled workers would be allowed to stay for only one or two years while professionals could apply for five-year visas.To give preference to British workers, firms would have to pass a rigorous 'economic needs test' before recruiting EU nationals lacking higher qualifications.Theresa May is reportedly set to deliver a key speech on Britain's future relationship with the EU later this month as negotiations approach a critical stage.The document, entitled 'Borders, Immigration and Citizenship System After the UK Leaves the EU' – dated August 2017 – was published in full by the Guardian newspaper last night.