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My family are going to be so proud.' It's no secret that fringing is big news every time Spring/Summer comes around, but this years take on the trend has extended the festival-friendly detail from the mainstay of our holiday wardrobe to the must-have detailing on our party dresses.Championing the trend during her Big Brother exit was winner Isabelle Warbuton.Sharing her thoughts on finishing third, Deborah said: 'It feels good.I said when I have accomplished what I have done, I'm already a winner.'Breaking down in tears, Deborah added: 'It was nice to know that I deserved my place here.'She had joined her sister Hannah on the show and praising her sibling, Deborah said: 'Love conquers everything, no matter how much hate was in that house, it was great to have her there. 'I knew that if the house went against me she would always be my side, that was nice.' 'I thought I could argue,' she joked, reflecting on the fiery temperament of the house, adding: 'I never thought people would argue about spaghetti...

And taking home the crown during Friday night's live final, Isabelle Warburton was announced the winner of the Channel 5 reality show, beating Raph Korine to the title.

Kieran took the news well, telling the rest of the group to 'look after' Tom and enjoy the experience. I can go home.'During his exit interview with host Emma at the beginning of Friday's final, Kieran credited his relationship with Tom as his 'best moment' from being on Big Brother.

Addressing his best friend in the house, he told Tom: 'Enjoy yourself. He also had kind words to say about his former flame Isabelle, who had arrived into the house as a latecomer.

Isabelle insisted that she had never thought she was going to win the show, insisting she had no idea why the viewers at home had chosen for her to win.

Speaking to the viewers at home, she thanked them for their support and said: 'Thank you genuinely so much, it's such a confidence boost.