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Instagram star who initially gained fame as a Vine video phenomenon known for her innate ability to "twerk." She frequently collaborated with fellow Vine star and partner Chris Jay.She posted her first video to Vine called "What a good puppy" on May 4, 2013.In addition to High School Musical, Hudgens has also appeared in various films and television series for the Disney Channel.

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So I asked her why she was perfectly happy to have me paraglide in a harness on to a frozen lake in St Moritz to play. But, yes, there were things I look back on now and wonder if they couldn’t have been done differently. “But if I begged her to be part of my life again, well there would be emotional blackmail… “It involves dance and music – not me dancing, you understand. But I have long been keen to amalgamate my style of music with dance. Her reply was tough to hear.” Vanessa, all of 5 ft 3 ins, with her slight frame and hand-span hips, squares her shoulders and repeats her mother’s words in a flat monotone: “She said, 'Vanessa, if you crash and die doing that, at least you will have died for your art. And you will get a bigger obituary if you die for your music rather than skiing.’ Then she reminded me that she had invested many years in my career.” Until the mention of her mother, Vanessa has been bubbly and talkative. For example, I loved English and history at school. I was never allowed to go to sleep-overs because Mom said if there was a fire, the parents would save their own children first.” Vanessa is silent for a moment. For her, the daughter was the artiste and the artiste was the daughter. My mother’s love was always conditional on my performance as a musician.” The final round of mother-daughter estrangement was a bitter moment. But I no longer feel the pressure to keep pushing out ever more albums. Refreshingly unaffected for a young woman accustomed to attention and worth more than £30 million. I would have loved to have done a degree in either. “On the eve of my 21st birthday, I told her maybe we should have a professional break, she should stop being my manager and that would help our personal relationship. Vanessa took part in a science experiment a year ago for a television programme entitled The Making of Me, which examined the nature/nurture debate. It has, clearly, affected her own attitude to marriage and motherhood. I like to be a trail-blazer, not just producing the same things.’’ Indeed, that is exactly how Vanessa reinvented herself in her teens when she switched from being purely classical to her more innovative brand of techno-acoustic fusion. vanessa Mae started violin in the age of 5, she maxed her violin and has created her first album in the age of 16. her violin is the guadagnini, an Italian violin maker, one of the best string makers.her vilin was bought in the auction by her parents for 0,000 in American dollar.