Updating gigabyte bios 64 bit

My config file or bat file is: Zec Miner64-zpool us1-zcash.flypool.org:3333 -zwal t1c Rm84oo Tvco Ndmz6Md G3gzw1aqmmgmbkh.

RIG01 -zpsw x The same problem happens to me with 4 different rigs.

The gigabyte Z270P D3 motherboards do not have that input.

I have read that some motherboards need to enable an option on the bios to work with more than 4 video cards. I have the same Problem, I have the Gigabyte Z270p d3 motherboard And only recognizes 4 gpu. Z270p D3 has other then Z170 BIOS so no option to change above "4G" section. I have 2 rigs working for 2 days and a half with 5 gpu.

After that I could not find the stability of the RIGS and always 1 gpu shows me on the screen less hash than the others.

Please help me More information is needed, we are not there, we can not see what you have O/Swhat are the gpu'sdriver used with gpu'show many gpu'smining softwarestock or modified bio on gpu'sstock or overclocking cardwhat are the h/s's that you are getting?

Instructions here I typically use way number 4 (commandline tools)What I meant was, try to install it to see if a different distro also has the same issues, as trying this might help narrow down the problem a bit.

Does anyone know how to configure this motherboard to mine perfectly in windows 10? The two that are working well have the same characteristics.All rigs have the same video cards and the same motherboard.What I find curious, I have had motherboards asrock h81 pro btc always and they require peripheral electrical power for PCI ports.The problem lies in the fact that Windows 7's installer is only compatible with an older type of USB driver.The GIGABYTE 100 series motherboard uses a newer kind of USB driver, meaning you will get an error when trying to install Windows 7.