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report that claims the R&B singer had a sexual relationship with then-underage Jerhonda Pace in 2008.

Pace, who is now 24 years old and has three children, claims she met R. Kelly was on trial for child pornography (the dark irony of this situation should not be lost on anyone).

In the span of four days, York Regional Police say an investigation found 22 men who were willing to have sex with an underage sex worker.

The men were from across the Greater Toronto Area and ranged in age from 18 to 54.

According to the arrest citation, Smith was not only with Mitchell for the meeting but helped arrange it.

During Tuesday's court appearance, Smith told the judge she was a nanny.

Yet she walked free from court yesterday after Judge Peter Fox QC said the married housewife was an unhappy woman who was unable to resist the advances of a child.As part of their bail conditions, each of the men were ordered to stay away from schoolyards, daycares, public swimming pools and playgrounds – anywhere that children under 16 would reasonably be.They were also ordered not to hold a job that would put them in positions of trust or authority with children under 16.The investigation started with an undercover investigator from the Attorney General's Office, which according to court documents, arranged a meeting with the pair by posing as someone underage online.The two were arrested after showing up for that meeting.