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Since 1996, the project has supplied prosthetic limbs and medical devices to more than 6,000 Rwandans and 2,000 Burundians free of charge.Now, the NGO is launcing a new program for 3D printed prosthetics.

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More Westinghouse is intending to install the first 3D printed fuel component in a nuclear reactor, and it should be done by Fall 2018.

More Researchers at the UK's University of Nottingham have developed a way to 3D print functional electric circuits using inkjet printing and UV curing.

The circuits contain both electrically conductive metallic inks and insulating polymeric inks.

The researchers made a 3D printed turtle that fooled Google's Inception-v3 into thinking it was a gun, even from multiple angles.

More Hoversurf, a futuristic vehicle company based in San Francisco and Moscow, has unveiled 'Formula,' a revolutionary flying car made with 3D printed carbon fiber and metal.