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Mizanin was drafted to the ECW brand in 2007, where he formed a successful partnership with John Morrison, winning the WWE Tag Team Championship, World Tag Team Championship, and the 2008 Tag Team of the Year Slammy Award.After being drafted to Raw in 2009, he won the United States Championship twice, the unified tag team titles with Big Show and the Raw Money in the Bank ladder match for a guaranteed WWE Championship match.When people talk about who from The Real World has become the most famous in another medium, they usually cite the actors Jamie Chung and Jacinda Barrett, or Congressman Sean Duffy. Then you see John Mc Clane in Die Hard: Bruce Willis.But does Mike "The Miz" Mizanin trump them all with his WWE triumphs? Mizanin is now trying to parlay his wrestling career into a mainstream acting one. I was like, "OK, I want to put these three characters together."I said I wanted authentic Marines on set so I could really learn how to hold a gun exactly how a Marine would.Mizanin later realized that "The Miz" would make an excellent professional wrestling gimmick.In 2004, he appeared on the Bravo reality show Battle of the Network Reality Stars, where his team finished second. Where he didn't say much, but even with the smallest eye glint, you could really tell what was on his mind.

They didn't care that I was on a reality show, they wanted to know that I was good on the ring. You were very close with Coral, you dated Trishelle. There are a bunch of people who will call and say, "Hey, can I get tickets to the show?It was during an episode of The Real World that Mizanin first displayed an alter ego known as "The Miz".In contrast to Mizanin's usually placid demeanor, The Miz was angry, combative, and headstrong.I spoke with Mizanin about his interesting path from reality television on The Real World: Back to New York in 2001 to more reality television (as a Real World/Road Rules Challenge mainstay for years) to the WWE. As far as doing other movies, I love WWE and I love being a WWE Superstar, but I also love doing movies, so I'd love to balance both. You're going to be a Vancouver native by the end of all this. I enjoy Joey's, across the street from the Sutton. KA: I am a big Vancouver fan as well, and I enjoy the sushi, which is so good there. KA: So the movie description states "his sister has been abducted by a band of violent extremists." And I wasn't sure what that would be in this day and age. This guy is a villain, but we kind of get it in a weird way. When you're from Parma, Ohio, your life is supposed to be, you go to college, after college, you go back to Parma, you get a family, you get friends, you get a job. Once I got on The Real World, I realized I could do anything I wanted to with my life. I said, "You know, I want to be a WWE Superstar." Everybody told me I couldn't do it. I don't care how big I am in the WWE, when there's a person like Neal Mc Donough on the set, and stars like Ashley Bell and Michael Eklund, I'm going to be on set every day watching these guys — watching how they prepare, watching how they work — because that's going to elevate me. Wrestling on the independents, you really can't make a great living.He was easy to talk to and wanted to make it clear how hard he works at things. And I actually have another movie that I'm about to go film, which is called Christmas Bounty for ABC Family. KA: I saw that when I was doing research for this interview. It turns out the villain, Neal Mc Donough, plays an anticapitalist/Occupy guy. He's way too extreme, he's way too psychotic, way too crazy. KA: You got the part when Randy Orton, who was dishonorably discharged from the Marines, lost it. MM: Yeah, I mean, Randy Orton is a great talent in the WWE. KA: If only he had been honorably discharged from the Marines. I wasn't big enough, I wasn't athletic enough. I was, like, "OK, what do I have to do to take the next step? KA: I want to talk a little about your path, because it's not like The Real World was an express train for you to the WWE. I did The Real World, I moved to Los Angeles right after, and started training on the independent circuit, trying to train to become a WWE Superstar.