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The Land of Song was smart enough to know that they could intimidate the opposition by encouraging their own team.Positive words from much loved hymns, even when sung by atheists and agnostics with several pints on board, can have a massive effect. I have witnessed all means of intimidation from crowds.It's just all right there at 10 at all times, and to me that's disappointing. They love GNR, and they love Avenged Sevenfold — my son told his teacher that the two songs of ours he loves are "God Damn" and "Fucking Nightmare," so I got a call from the school about that. And the other wants to be a policeman — I'm gonna be a jailbird, so he can put me in jail. There are multiple haunted houses on it, there are fog machines going, there are people just walking around in creepy costumes; it's very active.Because if you put on a Pink Floyd record, or even a Mastodon record, there's a lot of space in there; there's a lot of space that you can really swim in, which is what I love about music. Our friends will come over with their kids, we'll have some food and the parents will drink some wine, and then we'll take the kids up and down the street.He raised his arms, pausing for and getting a dramatic effect.He glanced around the vast colosseum, seeming to make eye contact with every Welsh fan in the house.Pints in one hand, half-smoked cigarettes in the other – it was the 1980s – every man, women and child knew their harmonic range. They were an expression of nationality, community and the god given love of rugby that makes it so much more than a game to the Welsh.

I like the new Mastodon, and I'm still listening to the last Gojira record.

The sound expresses an undying hope and belief that they, the Welsh, will overcome whatever may, and prevail.

You can’t help but sing along even when, like me, you hit every flat note.

The volume of noise the Welsh supporters can generate, at what to me will always remain as the Arms Park, is truly staggering. It is a harmonious, gargantuan, cathedral of harmony, song, heritage and tradition.

The pre-match singing of the Welsh is one of the great experiences in world sport.