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Inga's first stage performance was as "Kayla" in the Young People's Theatre production of The Cabbagetown Caped Crusaders.She played the role of "Frannie Batista" on the Showtime series Leap Years, had roles in the series Gene Roddenberry's Earth: Final Conflict, Drop The Beat, Relic Hunter, The City, and Foreign Objects.She has also appeared in several made for television movies such as The Big Heist, Sex & Mrs. She also appeared in the romantic comedy film, The Art Of Woo in 2001.She has appeared in the Canadian television series Lost Girl, as a secondary character in three first season episodes.She played the role of the Succubus known as Aife and also known as Saskia in the tenth episode of the first season of the series called The Mourning After, the twelfth episode, (Dis)Members Only and the season finale called Blood Lines.