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There's not exactly a playbook for parenting, but as a team, Antonio and Terricka are making their own rules.

A Wilshire Studios production, THE CROMARTIES is executive produced by Justin Tucker and Art Lyons.(from Lifetime's press release, September 2017) Oscar Pistorious: Blade Runner Killer tells the story of the sprint runner dubbed the "Blade Runner," and his rise to fame as a gold medalist Paralympic champion and as the first double-leg amputee to participate in the Olympics.

(from USA's press release, September 2017) For the first time in 11 years since being drafted into the NFL, Antonio Cromartie is a full-time dad.

Terricka, his wife, loves having Antonio home to help raise their five, soon to be six, kids, but Antonio's OCD, intense competitiveness and his raising their kids the same way he would coach a football team may prove to be too much for the whole house!

The first season of NO ACTIVITY will feature eight episodes with new episodes available weekly on Sundays exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers.

TWA offered a ,000 reward for information about Crilley's killing.Oscar's (Andreas Damm, Elementary) resilience to overcome his disability combined with his apparent fairy tale relationship with model Reeva Steenkap (Toni Garrn, Under the Bed) turned him into a media favorite.This all shattered one Valentine's Day night when four bullets were fired and Reeva's life was taken.No one in the family recognizes Adelaide except Dillon, the oldest son. Jackson and Zoe determine the behaviors that need to be addressed by both humans and animals and then they create a long-term plan so cats and dogs can live happily together.He figures she’s the ticket to fast cash and plots to snap photos of Adelaide around the farm and sell them to the tabs. Their plans include daily routines and procedures to be carried out over several months with the goal of conflict resolution to create a home where cats and dogs can get along.(from UP TV's press release, November 2017) A country music star leaves it all behind to get back to his roots and find his way back to what he really loves. Starring: Greyston Holt (Somewhere Between), Bea Santos (The Girlfriend Experience), Michelle Morgan (Heartland) and country singer Deana Carter(from Hallmark Channel's press release, October 2017) Stars: Alexa Pena Vega, Carlos Pena Vega; Weeks before Christmas, interior designer Laura is sent to her hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico to remodel a landmark hotel.