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Instead of being 'request-driven' like the internet, teletext just sends each frame to you in sequence, over and over.

If you had fast enough hardware (and I mean really fast), you could probably grab a complete snapshot of all the pages broadcast in about twenty or thirty seconds. Instead, we typically fetch a page, then fetch another page, and so on.

Wir empfehlen Ihnen daher die Mobilversion von ARD Text. Am besten dann gleich ein Lesezeichen für die Mobilversion setzen - dann geht's beim nächsten Mal schneller.If you are viewing teletext with a television, then it isn't all gloomy.Many televisions tend to try to speed up teletext by... However many users read things in sequence, like news pages 102 to 111 in order. If you are viewing teletext with a computer, then how you can benefit depends a lot upon the capabilities of your teletext hardware.On the other hand, though, the clock signal (an extended packet, not the clock at the upper-right of the teletext page) is useless for any television (although some TVs display the channel identification that is also present).It is used, instead, by a number of video recorders to set the internal clock correctly. Teletext software uses it to accurately update your computer's internal clock.