Taylor lautner and kristen stewart dating

Miss seeing Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner play a vampire and werewolf in the Twilight series?

Well, the actors probably aren't reprising their supernatural roles anytime soon, but they did have an adorable reunion in LA on Thursday.

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, for which the 25-year-old brought her hunky pal as her date for the evening.

actor's character may have missed out in getting the girl in the popular Vampire franchise, it seems he and the brunette beauty are still fast friends.

Earlier in the afternoon, the couple was spotted holding hands as they enjoyed a casual stroll around Silver Lake in Los Angeles.She says Taylor is fun and quirky like the show," a source said."She’s hoping to have a little get-together at her house when the show premieres, so they can all watch it together.It gives them an excuse to hang out and catch up." Love it!Even though Kristen has had some mixed emotions about playing Bella Swan, it's so cute that she's made lasting friends.