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"Many people had tried to teach me, but no-one had taught me how to learn or how to study", until he used L.Ron Hubbard's learning method of "Study Technology".Of late MTV India has put a greater focus on reality shows(as MTV has internationally; as reality shows have become widely popular), which can make one wonder why the initials of the channel stand for Music Television.The show MTV-Roadies seems to have eclipsed the entire MTV India with a series of reality shows.In 2004, a Boston Globe reporter wrote that before he could chat with Cruise, he had been similarly required to sign a form stipulating that "neither Artist nor the Interview will be used or referred to in a derogatory manner".With his dashing good looks, his youthful interest in wrestling, and two adopted but no biological children from his first two marriages, many of Cruise's fans and detractors have long questioned his sexuality.

The facilities offer exercise, sauna sweat-rooms, vitamins, and a regimen outlined in Hubbard's book Clear Body, Clear Mind.Scientologists, of course, somehow see this as an infringement of their civil rights. In 2006, Cruise threatened to do no promotional tours for Mission Impossible 3 unless the studio, Paramount Pictures, leaned on its subsidiary Comedy Central to squelch an episode of South Park that was critical of Scientology.In a 1999 column, Roger Ebert complained that he was asked -- and refused -- to sign a pre-interview contract detailing what he could and could not ask in an interview with Cruise.Cruise says he was diagnosed as dyslexic at seven, and tried to hide his learning disability from the other children at school.He has described his younger self as "a functional illiterate", through high school and his first several films.