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Honesty, integrity, maturity, sense of humour, goal orientated, selfless, good communicator, passionate, likes animals of all descriptions, career orientated, financially I am aiming here for profile mark five, life has a habit of changing!

This is all I bit new and scary for me :) I am looking to meet new friends, you can never have too many good ones.I have been fortunate to have travelled and wish to travel more.I`m a pretty easy going person, who is straight forward, and prefers people to be up front to me, if u have an addiction that's positive EG hobbies, health, then I`m happy to get to know u, but if the addiction is a negative Time for a review.I'm a very affectionate person and I love getting Altruistic but realistic. The world is a beautiful place which we must rescue from the domination of intolerance towards women and animals.Would like to meet people who are financially secure and intellectually stimulating and interested Intelligent, attractive, independent, fun, affectionate, health conscious...these things appeal and I can reciprocate.