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Many of our seasoned saints feel the same way: They want to socialize with others like themselves, but they aren’t shopping for another mate.

My friend told me of 90 people in his stake alone who fall into this category. There’s an invitation-only website on Facebook for LDS widows and widowers, and my friend has started up a sub-group called Nor Cal LDS widows/widowers, adding new subscribers every week.

By stepping up, introducing themselves, and reaching out to others, they can feel more connection than if they wait for an activity to come along that’s tailor-made for seniors.

They can attend Primary events and cheer on the little ones, they can get to know the youth at camps, sporting events, and performances.

Temple nights, ward dinners, church activities-it just isn’t a good fit anymore.

I’m aware of one group with 50 members, half of whom aren’t even church members.

They’ve invited so many community members to join in that the missionaries call it their best night of the month.

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