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To do that, click on interface class IData Service name, you will the smart tag poped up so click on “Implement interface IData Service” it will create implementation of “Get Members()” for you.(Easy to do that ah…. Only one thing is left to change for WCF service is that Http Binding in web.config.

WCF uses ws Http Binding by default and since Silverlight only supports basic httpbinding so change we need to change binding in web.config.

Adding WCF Service To add WCF Service, right click on Silverlight web project and click on Add New Item and choose WCF Service template.

It will create IData service contract and Data WCF Service file.

But there are three different approach available to bind data centric application in Silverlight now.

Here is the link that explains those three diiferent approach.

1) Create Silverlight Application and Setup Data Grid Here is my previous link that walks you through how you can do that.

2) Get, Update and Delete in Silverlight Data Grid using WCF Service There is no System.

So we changed the service contract “Do Work()” to “Get Members()”. You will see that Data Service class in that file implements IData Service service contract that we just modified.

Now build the solution to make sure all above steps went well.

Adding Reference in Silverlight Class Project Right click on Silverlight Class library - Add Service Reference.

Click Ok to add reference of those operations in Silverlight class library project.

Now it’s time to call those service operation (Get Members and Update Member) from silverlight code behind file. Please make sure you have installed Silverlight 3.0 tools for Visual Studio 2008 SP1 the reason why I am saying that you will have Beginning Edit and Row Edit Ended event in Silverlight 3.0.