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One might argue that both Western and Eastern European women artists have exhibited 'too much body', and to a certain extent find it difficult to leave "body" behind.However, we rarely discuss what impact socialist gender policies and practices have had on this process within aesthetics.Posted by jo at PM | Comments (0) Movie Cards is a unique workshop project by MIYABARA Mika and SUGIMOTO Tatsuo.They are interested in the generation of a creative community and the relationship between society and media.Tina Gonsalves (AU) is currently honorary artist in residence at the Wellcome Department of Neurology at University College London.

Over 3 one-hour sessions, Oakley induced her into states of fearfulness, sadness, happiness and calmness.All of these presentations were very well received with lively Q&A periods.Next day, June 28, "Super-Embodiment of Woman Artists in Media Arts" was presented by Irina Aristarkhova, Nina Czegledy and Elena Kovylina.In a darkened space, a video is projected on the wall. Under hypnosis, the artist is asked to re-experience potent emotional memories of her life.As soon as the viewer enters the space, the artist wakes up from hypnosis.