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VICTIM/WITNESS TROY BONER RECANTS HIS TESTIMONY UNDER DURESS--Initially four victim/witnesses involved in the satanic cult/sex/drug ring were cooperative.Two of the four victim/witnesses, Troy Boner and Danny King, recanted their testimony.On January 30, 1990, Nebraska State Attorney General, Robert Spire, called for a grand jury to investigate allegations.February 6, 1990, former County District Judge Samuel Van Pelt was appointed a special prosecutor for the Douglas County Grand Jury, which convened on March 12, 1990.

1, 2011) *** On December 31, 1968, Franklin Credit Union was founded in a minority neighborhood in Omaha, Nebraska.

Gunderson was later informed by a Michigan private investigator of an other missing child case that he had knowledge that a barn outside of Lincoln Nebraska was also used to auction off children on at least one occasion Paul Bonacci reported having attended six auctions in which as few as six, and as many as 36, children were auctioned off. Rusty Nelson also stated that, based on his close affiliation with Larry King, he believed King "had some association with the Contra ordeal through Michael Aquino, head of the "Temple of Set" (See Nelson’s statement below).

(See section on Johnny Gosch below for more on child auctions). You’re telling us under oath that you met and gave materials to Gary Caradori in Chicago that did what? Well, it would have, if it would have got here, probably blew everything wide open. GARY CARADORI , KEY INVESTIGATOR OF FRANKLIN, DIES IN PLANE CRASH--The evening of July 11, 1990, Gary Caradori, the investigator for the Nebraska State Legislature, Special Committee, called Senator Loran Schmit, Chairman of the Committee, from Chicago and told him he had the "smoking gun".

On November 9, 1990, Alisha Owen’s brother was found dead in a correction center cell, said to have committed suicide by hanging.

Alisha Owen was convicted of first offense perjury in 1991and was sentenced on August 8, 1991, to nine to 27 years in prison.