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(f) "Registration duties" means obtaining the registration information required on the form specified by the department as well as the photograph, fingerprints and biological sample of the registrant.

Biological samples are to be forwarded to the State Crime Laboratory pursuant to Section 45-33-37; the photograph, fingerprints and other registration information are to be forwarded to the Department of Public Safety immediately.

There is a presumption that a registrant owes a duty of updating registration information if: (i) The registrant remains away from a registered address for seven (7) or more consecutive days; or (ii) If the registrant remains at another address between the hours of p.m. for more than seven (7) consecutive days; (c) Date, place and address of employment, including as a volunteer or unpaid intern or as a transient or day laborer; (d) Crime for which charged, arrested or convicted; (e) Date and place of conviction, adjudication or acquittal by reason of insanity; (f) Aliases used or nicknames, ethnic or tribal names by which commonly known; (g) Social security number and any purported social security number or numbers; (h) Date and place of birth and any purported date and place of birth; (i) Age, race, sex, height, weight, hair and eye colors, and any other physical description or identifying factors; (j) A brief description of the offense or offenses for which the registration is required; (k) Driver's license or state or other jurisdiction identification card number, which license or card may be electronically accessed by the Department of Public Safety; (l) Anticipated future residence; (m) If the registrant's residence is a motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home or manufactured home, the registrant shall also provide vehicle identification number, license tag number, registration number and a description, including color scheme, of the motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home or manufactured home; if the registrant's place of residence is a vessel or houseboat, the registrant shall also provide the hull identification number, manufacturer's serial number, name of the vessel or houseboat, registration number and a description, including color scheme, of the vessel or houseboat, including permanent or frequent locations where the motor vehicle, trailer, mobile home, manufactured home, vessel or houseboat is kept; (n) Vehicle make, model, color and license tag number for all vehicles owned or operated by the sex offender, whether for work or personal use, and the permanent or frequent locations where a vehicle is kept; (o) Offense history; (p) Photograph; (q) Fingerprints and palm prints; (r) Documentation of any treatment received for any mental abnormality or personality disorder of the person; (s) Biological sample; (t) Name of any public or private educational institution, including any secondary school, trade or professional institution or institution of higher education at which the offender is employed, carries on a vocation (with or without compensation) or is enrolled as a student, or will be enrolled as a student, and the registrant's status; (u) Copy of conviction or sentencing order for the sex offense for which registration is required; (v) The offender's parole, probation or supervised release status and the existence of any outstanding arrest warrants; (w) Every online identity, screen name or username used, registered or created by a registrant; (x) Professional licensing information which authorizes the registrant to engage in an occupation or carry out a trade or occupation; (y) Information from passport and immigration documents; (z) All telephone numbers, including, but not limited to, permanent residence, temporary residence, cell phone and employment phone numbers, whether landlines or cell phones; and () Any other information deemed necessary.

(3) For purposes of this chapter, a person is considered to be residing in this state if he maintains a permanent or temporary residence as defined in Section 45-33-23, including students, temporary employees and military personnel on assignment.

a sex offender in the custody of the youth court, the responsible agency is the youth court.

Read our tips for hunting clubs to increase safety of their members and reduce club liability for tips on what to keep an eye out for. The Legislature further finds that law enforcement agencies' efforts to protect their communities, conduct investigations, and quickly apprehend criminal sex offenders are impaired by the lack of information shared with the public, which lack of information may result in the failure of the criminal justice system to identify, investigate, apprehend, and prosecute criminal sex offenders.The Legislature further finds that the system of registering criminal sex offenders is a proper exercise of the state's police power regulating present and ongoing conduct.(d) "Permanent residence" means a place where the person abides, lodges, or resides for a period of fourteen (14) or more consecutive days.(e) "Registration" means providing information to the appropriate agency within the time frame specified as required by this chapter.