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These skills are then filtered down to midwife students, helping to build their capacity to manage complications before, during and after delivery.

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Conclusion and Expanded Recommendations..."This study was designed to provide critical insight and remedial recommendations on the manner in which human rights violations committed against Burmese migrant and hill tribe women and girls in Thailand render them vulnerable to trafficking,2 unsafe migration, exploitative labor, and sexual exploitation and, consequently, through these additional violations, to HIV/AIDS.The main causes of deaths are post-partum haemorrhage (bleeding), hypertensive disorders of pregnancy (such as eclampsia), consequences of unsafe abortions, and sepsis (a whole-body inflammatory response to infection).Deaths are significantly higher in rural areas, where women have limited access to reproductive health services.Good logistics help avoid that clinics run out of critical supplies, and also help avoid overstocking which leads to valuable medicines going out of date."Thirty-year-old Ma Lay (not her real name) seems an unlikely commercial sex worker. Now she sits in a hot, dimly lit room in a brothel, watching TV with her co-workers, and waiting for a man to pay 500 baht (US .50) for one hour of sex with her.