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” the teenager says and leans closer into the face of Haim Rotter. They’re all in your neighborhood, we don’t have those here.” He’s one of six, all wearing track suits and large white and black kippot, a look popular in working-class Israeli neighborhoods. He is the founder of the first Shomrim security patrol—a private, all-volunteer neighborhood watch—in Bnei Brak, a Tel Aviv suburb dominated by ultra-Orthodox Jews.

“I only have 6 percent body fat,” he said, tapping his thigh.“They help out a lot, they’re an extra set of eyes on the street, like a civil guard,” Ohayon said.They are especially helpful, he noted, in handling missing-person cases—runaways, especially.On a normal night, they respond to dozens of calls and often arrive well before the police.The Shomrim only have the ability to make citizen’s arrests, holding assailants until the police arrive.