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It has to do with our attitude which depends on our mental focus which depends on our choice.The choice to rejoice often must go deliberately against how we feel.For example, a camper who has memorized 20 Jonah verses would receive off the full price of 5, plus the deposit.If you aren't already enrolled in the Jonah memory program, or your age-appropriate memory book, the enrollment fee will also be added to your registration.Would you like to join us at Scripture Memory Camp?Young people who memorize Jonah can come for free and enjoy a wonderful week of swimming, boating, zipline, paintball, crafts, good fellowship, singing, and—most importantly—an emphasis on God’s Word. Registration Scripture Memory Camp is our very best reward for youth memorizers. Scholarships for completed memory work are available for memorizers age 3-18 (details below).

” are some of the simplest in Scripture to read and understand. Just reading the verse might get some people depressed, because they despair of ever being able to do it!It’s interesting that the shortest verse in the Greek New Testament is, “Rejoice always” (1 Thess. The shortest verse in the English New Testament is, “Jesus wept” (John ). Our Savior could weep and yet have the fullness of joy, even as He faced the cross (John ). He never puts on a happy face and denies the intensity of his troubles.But in the process of crying out to God for help and re-focusing his thoughts on the Lord and His great mercies, by the end of the psalm his mood has changed, even though his circumstances are no different.Adults are asked to pay full price so that more youth scholarships can be awarded.NOTE: After May 15, a late fee will be applied to each registration, regardless of scholarship. Ages 0-2 are free; 3-8 pay 5; 9-18 pay 5; adults 19 pay 5.

Scripture validating singing