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Even though yogurt was discovered at such an early age, the introduction of it into North America didn’t come until around 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas and brought colonizers along with cattle, seeds, and other animals to the continent.In order to show more of the process on yogurt’s emigration to the West, a major yogurt brand, Danone, was analyzed in detail on how they transitioned from its origins in Spain into North America.This contributed to the image of yogurt being a ‘medicinal’ type of food.It was made into sauces, stews, dips and even creams.On a hot day the nomad sat on the mountain with a pitcher of milk.Eventually, organisms that thrived in the warm milk contaminated it and turned it into something similar to yogurt.

Galenus was a prominent Roman physician, surgeon and philosopher.

Yogurt was well known for its promotion of prolonged health, which made it very popular.

Although the exact origins of yogurt are unknown, there are records within the ancient civilizations from India to Iran of its use.

In addition to being used for remedial purposes, yogurt was also used for beauty enhancement as well as into many culinary dishes.

Yogurt was known to be used in India for millennia as a beauty enhancement mainly for the treatment of skin as well as shaping the body.