Reality show dating older younger

This gets complicated when the women quits her job to be a part of this relationship and let’s the man support her.

For the time period of the relationship this may work out well for both when both are getting what they need.

never let your needs be bypassed because of somebody else’s choices in life. If the kids are grown and they have their own lives then it should be a non- issue. When dating somebody who is set up to retire in 15-20 years, this can pose a problem if you are both not on the same page.

It can work out well if the man says that when he retires he wants you to retire with him and to not work anymore and then you guys can enjoy retirement life together.

( this is not a negative…it’s a beautiful loving sacrifice- but it still has to be acknowledged or you will be in denial and quit the relationship early when you realize the expectations) Finances.

When somebody in their 20’s dates somebody in their 40’s it is obvious that the older person will be more financially stable and have more assets than the person in their 20’s.

what if he has a dog and wants more and you dont like dogs…..” exit relationship here” KEEP in mind..

In a healthy relationship that is based on love, each party to the relationship needs to concede and be willing to make changes for the other person.

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Men like to feel needed and they want to be the supporter and women like to be taken care of.If something as simple as changing which city you live in locally is going to cause an issue where the guy is unwilling to change, and if he isn’t willing to give up a pet to be with you …that really somebody you want to be with?I have come across this situation before and it is unfair for one person to drop their life to enter another’s …it should always be 50-50.That is the least they can do out of respect for you giving up the end years of your life withy partner to enjoy them in your life now.It’s going to play out to where you are taking care of your parents as well as your husband at the same time.

Reality show dating older younger