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So, to make it a little less overwhelming, we’ve trawled the Internet for you and sought the advice of online dating expert Sloan Sheridan-Williams to find the 12 best online dating sites making the rounds.

‘It’s always tempting to ‘accidentally’ check out a date’s social media accounts before meeting up.

Also Ranked #59 on The Most Influential People in Fashion #86 on The Most Powerful Women In The World Kim K was playing the field long before her ill-fated and well-televised marriage to Nets star Kris Humphries.

Before Kris, there was 49ers running back Reggie Bush (above; 2007-2010), footballer stud Cristiano Ronaldo (2010), and Eagles wide receiver Miles Austin (2010).

Have you spent one too many evenings in, snuggled up to a pint of ice cream with Netflix?

Sometimes a little advice is all that's standing between our relationship with Ben & Jerry and our relationship with a great guy.

You don’t need to start telling knock-knock jokes, but if you have a funny anecdote or two in your arsenal, don’t be afraid to share.’ ‘Most of what we communicate is through our body language rather than words.

Most of them are also still currently dating an athlete, which means that those fellas are off the market.As we all know, she has since given up athletes for the even more egotistical Kanye West.No longer embarrassing or, God forbid, cringe-worthy, half of all single people now use online dating sites to find love. There are literally hundreds of dating sites out there.Everyone has an idea of what she wants in a partner, but sometimes those must-haves hold us back."I think one of the biggest problems people have is that they build up this dream checklist in their head," says Hannah Orenstein, a matchmaker at Tawkify.