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Sometimes they are categorized to promote talk about a specific topic.Other times, they are just free for all chat rooms where you can discuss what ever on your mind.By the name, you can assume the nature of this site! All you need to do is choose a username, and enter your age and gender.An account is required to chat, but don’t worry it’s free. From there, you are free to chat with friends or strangers. It is similar to chat roulette in the sense that you chat with one person at a time, but it is text chat rather than video.You can chat from your desktop browser, or from your mobile device with the use of the Chatforfree app. No registration is required, but if you’d like to save friends on your buddy list, an account is required. It has recently undergone a thorough redesign of it’s interface, so be sure to check it out.Rockchat is also host to multiple forums, blogs, and allows mobile chatting. Chat rooms are category and/or location specific, so some interesting conversation about mutual interests can be had.

Sharing your thoughts and problems can really help in certain situations.

Registration is free, and there are paid versions available to unlock more features.

Elite is primarly a dating chat service, but that may be exactly what you are looking for.

You can even engage in private chat rooms if desired. It’s easy on the eyes, and everything is right where it needs to be. No registration is required, just simply enter a username. No registration is required, and there are chat rooms for many specific locations or subjects.

It’s been around since 2005, so the website interface has grown into a nice platform.