Playing a steam game without updating

Why even bother killing steam after launching a game.

Steams footprint is minuscule, any machine made after 2004 isn't going to be struggling to run it.

Like the title says, is there any way to purchase / own this game without having to go through Steam?

While I do have a Steam account, I've had oodles of trouble with the Steam app over the years and generally leave it uninstalled since every game I play regularly has been available for purchase without it.

Killing steam after the game has launched is apparently possible.

I guess you'll have to suffer through an alt-tab and some mouse clicks.

It's why I'll probably get AOW3 on GOG instead of Steam, and this is also why I wish Stardock had a command line parameter for LH that allowed it to run without Steamworks starting.

Steam does have some functionality for me that makes me wish to keep it on though- namely it's friends-client- Steamworks has almost replaced AIM.

They still update their games that are 5 years old!Taking good care of the security of your system should be in everybody's interest. It's a list of all Steam-games, that can be played without running the Steam-client. Quoting Teslacrashed, reply 12Why even bother killing steam after launching a game.It's about having full control over your games and what programs are running on your PC. Making sure that no unnecessary software is running seems perfectly logical to me.I don't suppose anyone could give a sure fire way to start a Steam game without the Steam client, such that I could create desktop or ideally taskbar (Win7) shortcuts to start Steam games without the Steam client? i mean, i would imagine the ones that don't require steam client to be loaded are simply using steam as the shop and not the other stuff.Quoting Ryat, reply 1 Right Click on the program in the library and select create desktop shortcut.