Picture of dating

“If you feel great and you have on a great outfit that flatters your body, it exudes confidence and comes through in the photos.” Also, bear in mind that your dating profile was created to showcase you and no one or nothing else.Save the photos of your hot sports car, pets, expensive dinner, and group shots with friends for your social media accounts.(Check out these 17 signs that you're actually the toxic one in the relationship.) “These profiles are one-dimensional,” says Michelle Frankel, founder of NYCity Matchmaking in New York.“No one is finding a reason to go out with someone when they look at other people. If you have curly hair, let those ringlets run wild or if you wear glasses, throw them on for your picture.Sometimes they appear overtly sexual, which may attract the wrong type of person or relationship you’re seeking.

The third photo is your opportunity to give a glimpse into your everyday life.

“You want to give someone a reason to engage with you and ask you a question.” Just make sure the activity doesn’t detract from your looks or hide your face.

But a heads up for beach bums, try to steer clear of the bathing suit photos.

You should be dressed in an outfit that makes you feel like a hundred bucks whether it’s that dashing suit you wore to your best friend’s wedding, the little black dress you wore out for a girls’ night, or your favorite pair of jeans.

“It’s about your attitude,” says Carly Spindel, matchmaker at Janis Spindel & Carly Spindel Serious Matchmaking in New York City.