Peru dating and marriage

In general, Peruvians have free choice about who they can or cannot marry, with class and money being the two most significant variables in terms of marriage decisions.

Many couples decide to live together (as opposed to getting married) because of their lack of resources for carrying out both the legal and religious ceremonies.

Latin women come from a society where politeness and hospitality are given priority.

Most Latin ladies love to take care of their husbands. They are mentally strong and blend well in a new culture. Their sensuous figures, feminine nature, and loyalty make the guys go gaga over them. They complement each other well and appreciate each other’s’ qualities.

If a parent is deemed unfit, the children can be sent to live with the other parent.

Custody of those over seven is generally awarded by gender.

Interracial marriages have become an order of the day.

You would find many western men marrying Latin brides.

In marriage, the husband and wife share responsibility for household affairs.

In approximately 25% of marriages, finances are handled by the husbands; in some other families the mother is the head of the household.