Online dating not working chiropractor dating patients

The best photos are those that are genuine, friendly, open and warm. Nobody likes clingy and needy people and nobody likes to be stalked and hounded.

Fix: You’ve got to invest some time and work into putting up a great photo of yourself. That’s really the only way and the only piece of advice we can give you.

Everyone you know (and their parents, and quite possibly grandparents) is on some online dating site or the other.

So you’ve decided that it’s time you put on your cyber-social boots and jumped into the fray, too.

So if you’re not getting the attention you think you deserve to get, take a critical look at your profile. Does it accurately portray how you picture yourself? Have you run it past a friend who knows you well for some feedback?

Most probably you’ll find that it could be improved and probably makes you sound a bit generic and unimaginative.