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This would put her as overweight even for an adult woman. Unfortunately for Baby Chahat, the obesity epidemic has hit home in a huge way.

According to the experts at the Mayo Clinic, too much extra weight on a baby can lead to delayed crawling and walking.

The photos feature adult film stars as well as Penthouse and Playboy models.

When applying foundation on her clients, Murphy says she’s a big fan of the Beauty Blender sponge since it helps the foundation melt seamlessly into their skin.

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Although we wish the world was filled with kind and considerate people, you have to remember that there are a few bad seeds out there.

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He was elevated IEEE Senior member at only 28 years old.However, there …During the winter months, when the world turns into a giant skating rink, it’s not easy to get around without making full body contact with the ice below.One ambitious blonde quickly realized this obstacle after courageously attempting to walk on an icy hill in some lofty high heels.Which, by the way, is just 2 pounds shy of what my very average 5-year-old daughter weighs.When you say "obese" unfortunately most people think Americans.