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There are a few situations where this happens: Is helpful if a partner helped to pay for property that ended up in the other partner’s name.

Introduction Common-law Relationships and the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act Adult Interdependent Partnership Agreements Property Rights for Common-law Couples Common-law Property in Alberta Legislation Common-law Property in Federal Legislation Referrals Couples living together in a committed relationship without being married are often referred to as being in a common-law relationship.

Half a dozen local bargaining units have reached agreements with their employers, and all the agreements contain improvements for teachers, said Sandra Johnston, co-ordinator of the Teacher Welfare program area of the Alberta Teachers’ Association.

Each investigation is conducted with professionalism, thoroughness, and sensitivity.

Common-law partners do not have the same rights or obligations as married persons.

The Matrimonial Property Act, the provincial law which governs the division of property of married people does not apply to common-law partners.