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Most people, he says, should settle down after dating 12 people. I think your logic is sound — we obviously need to learn what we value in a partner and what we'd prefer to pass on.But to claim that there's some sort of magic number? First of all, why should there be a negative stigma surrounding having dated more than 12 people?The truth is, I’m not avoiding sex before marriage because I’m afraid of it, socially awkward, or some other crazy misconception.Instead, I’m avoiding sex before marriage because I want something more than a night of pleasure; I want decades of happiness.

It doesn't necessarily mean you've missed out on your one and only.How did he already know with such certainty that there wouldn’t be another date or conversation?As the date wrapped up, his reasons for shutting down any further relationship/friendship became clear: his past relationships had included living with his girlfriends and sex, mine have not.But it seemed no sex before marriage was a deal breaker for him.We didn’t talk in detail about our reasons to have or not have sex before marriage, but I bet the conversation would have been interesting and eye opening for both of us.