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Both the new colonies were among the thirteen first states of the United States.

Sir Robert Heath (1575–1649) was an English judge and politician who was also a member of the English House of Commons from 1621 to 1625.

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Now the Carolinas became divided into North Carolina and South Carolina, which both became British colonies.These noblemen are known as the Lords Proprietors of Carolina forming the Province of Carolina.Between 16 there were many disagreements relating to defense, governance and the difference between the two differing agrarian styles employed by the inhabitants of the Colony of Virginia and that practiced by the planters arriving to Charles Town from the West Indies and Barbados.Gay Pride, oo Voo, Date, Finest Hispanics! C;, Sheetz, Truli, LGBT News, God Updates, Sarcastic Quotes, Trevor Lindsay, TRND, Teens Only, Talent Recap, De Lorean, North Carolina Tar Heels on Fanatics, North Carolina Tar Heels,, Kixkup Brim Strong, Wedding Digest Nigeria, Jeff Cooper Designs, Law Offices of Joumana Kayrouz, P.