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They try to teach everyone now that children are born sexual too. A bunch of those Jewish child experts tried to teach that rot. Guess what I also refused to do sex ed in school because I didn't believe school is the right place to learn it, and I felt so wrong inside that I couldn't go along with it. When a woman acts like a whore with no feelings at all, they lose all ability to be useful wives and mothers and end up as cold and hardened as a pile of rocks.I bet if people will probably think there's something wrong with ME. I get lasting fulfillment through being affectionate, cuddling my husband, holding his hand in public, sharing a bed with him, rocking a newborn baby to sleep, comforting a small child and cheering them up.Even ones with children turn out to be lesbians or at least of a depraved mind.I've had five female friends who looked normal and knew I was heterosexual attempt to "hit on me" and I can't express how creeped out it made me because they already knew I was straight.I don't really believe in contraceptives and would never have an abortion.I love Christ but not religion as I believe its corrupt.I really like the energy of a real man and there will always be a physical longing for it to make me feel balanced because inside I know I am vulnerable. I intuitively know that the world is a corrupt place and hard to live with without the protection I feel from my husband.

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What will be left of the family will be from us mostly so the whole nature of whats left will be more like us and less worldly & Marxist like they are. I ended up having to marry a man 10 years older than me because the men my age are not anything I would feel complimented and content with.

I enjoy all the mundane stuff and grow food at home, and do all of those things that help develop feelings of usefulness and self-sufficiency.

Who wants to be out there in the world doing soul destroying things every day around people who are under a spell anyway.

The appeal is gone with no difference in the sexes.

I also have had trouble keeping female friends because it turns off a lot of them.