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When I was a kid, scouring the city for the “right” girl was the job of Mom, the matchmaker. Now that I am an adult, I’ve been on a few dating sites myself to find eligible women.

In the “old days,” when I wanted to meet someone, I did what everyone else did — I dragged myself through smoky bars or joined clubs. Strike up Rupert Holmes’ “Escape (The Piña Colada Song).” Daggett made a mistake using a service promising rich, high-profile guys.

And using a dating service no longer carries shame.

About 15 percent of Americans have done it, according to Pew research.

It was devastating, and afterward I was so heartbroken – even though there were many problems with that relationship. We may be miles apart in geography, but the world is getting smaller every day.

I would like to relocate to another State, so don’t let New York throw you. If you live far away and you are interested in talking to me that is a good start.

I have tried many of the dating websites — Our Time (the only one I’m still using), Plenty of Fish, Match, e Harmony — to no avail. It’s true that it’s hard enough to meet single seniors, let alone find someone with whom we feel a connection.

The internet delivered to your device a cornucopia of porn, which discouraged dating (I mean, why bother to go out? I’m not following Daggett to Kelleher International.

), and dating services such as, which encouraged it. I have nothing against them, but I am (happily) taken, by a woman who is the sister-in-law of one of my closest friends.

Witty and with just the right creative juices to keep my man entertained and never bored.

I enjoy all types of music especially Classical and Alternative Music.