Muslim speed dating experience

It means that you can find someone who understands your faith and is looking for marriage, which is why so many Western Muslims are now finding their partner via the internet.

Not only does it remove geographic barriers, which are less important in an age of global travel, but it also allows young women a greater choice in deciding who they want to meet.

This is an issue faced by many single Canadians, and it’s one made even trickier when you bring faith into the equation. With the right tools at your disposal, you can find Muslim dating opportunities that can lead to a loving, faithful future – meet single Muslims who share your goals with Elite Singles Yet, for those Muslims who see their religion as a vital part of their daily lives, finding a like-minded partner can still be difficult: after all, not every aspect of Canadian dating culture will appeal to those looking for a religious connection.

So, where can Canadian Muslims meet spiritual singles and find a faith-filled, joyous partnership?

Do you consider it important for your partner to conduct salah (praying five times a day), or to eat halal?

Online Dating Sites: If you’re not fortunate enough to have bumped into your ideal marriage partner by luck, the rise of internet dating has provided a potential solution.

Some Muslim dating sites have seen huge increases in members over the last couple of years.

But although Islam is the second-largest religion in the world, Muslim communities in the West are still a minority.

That has a tendency to limit the people you’re going to be introduced to, and there’s a fair bit of recycling of potential dates through friends.