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mark calloway/OCSine is a fashion designer that specializes in gowns.When her neighbor orders a wedding dress she gets involved in something she doesn't understand. He thought he had his share of beauties & ring rats especially as a professional WWE wrestler & after three failed marriages, love for him doesn't exist. Thaleia Lyrah Cadeau is the daughter of Marius Rucian Cadeau, a member of the Kingsglaive that serves King Regis of Lucis. (Warning :contains sexual content, bad language, all that stuff in future chapters) REVIEW!Undertaker XOCVince hires a new photographer & Taker finds himself interested in the small woman. But this reunion is not going to be as easy as Jasina thinks and a lesson is well learned.Can he find love when he wasn't even looking for it? It's been four years since Juliana, John and Taker all went their separate ways.

How will she adapt to the new Spartan lifestyle, being a Persian Queen? But really- Kane/OC/Taker, Stone Cold, many others in supporting roles. With her uncle in Jail and her new bestie by her side, Katrina must figure out where John got the money that was left for her and also avoid an upcoming danger she knows nothing about... She unknowingly was the reincarnation of a woman who had the things she longed for. After serving jail time, all he wanted was a fresh start in a place where people didn't know him. Sorry for the delay put I was so stress about graduating from high school and everything. With my Deadman's Love Undertaker fic becoming another hit i'm going to do a story basedfrom Teenage life but with differen characters. :) Thankshey everyone, just wanted to let you guys know that you will be seeing less storiebefore me because I going to start rewriting them. So hopefully I will have some new and better writing stories for you. & capture her shattered heart & mend the broken pieces? Alone for the first time, Thaleia flees to Duscae where she finds her old friend, Gladiolus Amicitia. But there's something eating Fran inside, something she has to say. Glen's sister Bella is the only one willing to put the Deadman in his place. :)So to let everyone know that with the new year i am still going to try and finish my story and create new ones. Than again he was the Undertaker, but it was this little pint size female that captured the Dark Lord's heart & maybe his very soul but can he save hers? After the Crown City falls under siege of the Empire, she barely escapes with her life. Inspired by Austin by Blake Shelton (M)There's a reason the Undertaker is the way he is. Undertaker/OC Kane/OC Scott Hall/OC mentions of others too.