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They talk about how Daryl's always lying, she's insecure, her husband is probably having a affair, she's a attention seeker.Sharon maybe the only aware one as she was quiet during this.Seems there's no escape from nasty groups so just leave them to it and be a better person x Sent from my SM-T560 using Netmums mobile app And these 3 women are meant to be adults.Stay away from them, these are the types later on at the school gates gossiping about other mums.In short, building a retail brand is really hard and technology can only afford you so many shortcuts along the way.

I would just be nice and chat to Daryl when you next see her.

Maybe ask her how she is and just be supportive to her if she needs it.

I would just nod and smile at the other ladies and never tell them anything about yourself x Sent from my i Phone using Netmums I agree with Claire.

By now I've finished feeding ds so I get up and walk past them to get to the door, not saying a word as Im not in their conversations.

Sharon says bye and Tracey sounding slightly shocked says bye.