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Both varieties of SCP-1863 are highly mutagenic, capable of drastically altering the functions of human organ systems.Furthermore, SCP-1863-A drinkers will be highly aggressive towards individuals who have drunk SCP-1863-B at any point in their life, with the converse being true for individuals who have drunken SCP-1863-B.There's gonna be a transcription of that on Citrox's website come tonight, without any audio errors. [Roddy Root is seen sitting behind a desk, looking sober and drinking from a bottle of SCP-1863-B] Roddy Root: Hey, kids. Recently, something bad has happened in this little Argentinean town of [REDACTED]. It's time to enter Citrox's In the course of our friendly corporate rivalry with Carl's Caffeine Club, several allegations have been brought up against Citrox, and we need your help to disprove them! Write an essay about Lime Liftoff and how it's changed your life for the better. For every 20 fliers you pass out, or every 10 free samples, you gain a raffle ticket to be put in the raffle, up to 10. Go out and smash some bottles of Sarsaparilla Cream!

The entire scene is filmed in black and white; Roddy Root continues to speak in a voiceover] Roddy Root: Take this pond, right in front of the library![An animated anthropomorphic Sarsaparilla root appears on the screen against a black background, and starts talking] Roddy Root: Hey, kids, I'm Roddy Root, and there are some things you should know about Lime Liftoff before buying it!Roddy Root: Did you know that the Citrox Corporation gets its ingredients through slavery?[5-second long screech] Root Beer is for the un-intelligent, the un-cultured, the un-wanted, the UN.The apple is not the fruit of knowledge, it is the lime. [The bottle of SCP-1863-A drains completely, and starts floating away] Female Voice: Lime Liftoff, by Citrox.