Koyuki kato how is she dating

In later episodes of the anime, the old chief of Koyuki's village is shown to be the leader of an acting troupe who play as ninjas for a theme park based based on ancient Tokyo.

After moving into Tokyo, Koyuki first met Natsumi as a new student in her class, but Natsumi gets an odd first impression from her when Koyuki comes to her and says that Natsumi had a "city scent".

Koyuki was very carefree and friendly, while Mukuro was solitary and silent most of the time.

Koyuki and Dororo have a very strong sibling-like bond, they obviously get along very well.Prior to that Zeroyasha, Mukuro and Koyuki would train together frequently.Saburo is a close friend of Koyuki, and Koyuki has respect for him.Episode 98 of the anime tells that Koyuki's entire past life before meeting Dororo or coming to Inner Tokyo was filled with training.Koyuki lived in a small hidden ninja village as a child and was only close to Mukuro, a fellow female ninja and Koyuki's childhood friend, and Shigure (anime only).