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According to the report, Jun Jin and Yoon Ji Ni were spotted, traveling in Singapore, which quickly spread online."After the dating reports, we checked with her personally, and it was revealed that she didn′t go to Singapore with Jun Jin, but with her friends," said the agency rep. [ 48, -3] Yeah, you go and promote all those rookies...5."Her manager was there and even took her there.""It′s true that she did meet Jun Jin at a gathering and knows him from before, but we confirmed that they′re not that close."Jun Jin is currently traveling in Vietnam with his friends. [ 44, -1] Choong Jae-ya, how many times have you been caught already ㅋㅋㅋ6. [ 27, -3] Shinhwa Changjo want the members to get married already, hurry up8.Actress Yoon Ji Ni′s agency has denied the dating rumors with Shinhwa′s Jun Jin.On October 21, Yoon Ji Ni′s agency, King Kong Entertaiment, told Newsen, "The dating rumors with Jun Jin are not true."One news outlet reported earlier that Jun Jin and Yoon Ji Ni became a couple after meeting at a gather at the beginning of 2014." Jun Jin replied "I think I have," adding on "Isn't it good to be cool about it?

Longest existing idol group Shinhwa all agreed that they are "against open relationships." On March 13 Shinhwa special broadcast of 'Win Win', the group answered to the question "Who has had the most girlfriends?[ 154, -4] She met Park Choong Jae but not Jun Jin4.[ 19, -8] Maybe Jun Jin met a plastic surgery monster who looks like Yoon Jin Yi5.However, both sides later came out and denied the report about them dating each other.Yoon Jin Yi's rep stated,"We checked with her and it's true that she did went on a trip to Singapore, but not with Shinhwa's Junjin but with her friend, Her manager also went with her".