Jennifer love hewitt dating married

The following month, the actress told Us that she was feeling good going into the final months of her pregnancy.

Jamie Kennedy learned Jennifer Love Hewitt was engaged live on air during a Nik Richie radio interview To make matters even worse, Kennedy received the news from Nik Richie—who isn't exactly known for his sensitivity or for his caring and compassionate manner—so how did he react?

Then, in typical Richie style, came the TMI segment. I hope to be invited to the christening." "That's deep," Richie chimed in.

Richie quizzed Kennedy about his sex life with the actress and about how he never got her pregnant (you'll have to listen to the interview to find out! News: Did Jennifer Love Hewitt Really Insure Her Boobs? After surviving pretty honorably throughout, Kennedy opened up about his feelings still for Jennifer and why they never made it as a couple. "But the timing wasn't right." Nik Richie is the outspoken and controversial founder of website The So, if they were together now, would the timing have been right, would they be two kids deep and living happily ever after? "I mean, I'm a lot more level headed—I still have my issues—I don't know how she is, if she's changed her things too." And, does Jamie have anything to say on national radio to his expectant ex-girlfriend? You can listen to the full interview here, and tune in Wednesday nights to Nik Richie Radio for all the hottest celebrity interviews.

You can find out everything Jamie had to say on the matter right here at Photos: A Look Back At Jennifer Love Hewitt's Ex-Boyfriends Jamie appeared on the Nik Richie Radio show Wednesday night in the guise of promoting his stand up shows this weekend in Ontario, Canada, but the 43-year-old was ambushed by Richie, who wanted to talk about nothing but Jennifer Love Hewitt's big news.

"I didn't even know what to say, I guess I should send her congratulations." OK! "She's stuck with this co-star now—she has a thing for co-stars." Baby daddy!Jamie very obviously did not want to discuss the subject, but like a dog with a juicy old bone Richie would NOT let it lie!After repeatedly asking Nik to wait until after the break to discuss the subject, as he wanted to gather his thoughts before answering, he eventually shared that he had only just found out the 34-year-old was pregnant.News: Is Jennifer Love Hewitt One Of The Next X Factor Judges? Jennifer is expecting a child with her co-star fiance Brian Hallisay Once again, Kennedy tried to diplomatically get his way out before Richie started quizzing him about Jennifer Love Hewitt buying him gifts!Jamie admitted Jennifer is "a very generous person" and that they regularly went on shopping sprees at her expense to Tiffanys and Cartier, where they purchased matching love bracelets.

Jennifer love hewitt dating married