Itunes broke while updating

But once your phone is plugged into a computer running i Tunes, the update goes mostly smoothly — and it won't erase your data.

If you have an older i OS-based device that was bricked by the i OS 9.3 update, there’s still some hope.

Once you have updated i Tunes, check for updates on your i Pad.

Under Devices in i Tunes, select your i Pad when it is connected. Click this button and follow onscreen prompts for installation. Then select one at a time and press "Sync." Once you find the right option, sync files ones at a time to determine which one is causing problems. If you've isolated a problem in the Info tab, such as contacts or calendars, reset the sync history for the device.

To find plug-ins and determine if they are causing the problem, find the following folder on your computer: C:\Users\[username]\App Data\Roaming\Apple Computer\i Tunes\i Tunes Plug-ins.

When you find the folder, move it to the desktop and then try syncing again. Sometimes the i Pad needs to be restored to its factory settings.

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If the issue happens only once and you are able to resume normal use of your i Pad and i Tunes, no action is needed.If all your software is up to date but you're still encountering freezing problems during syncs, some of the data you are trying to sync may be causing the issue. For example, if you have a new album, deselect it in i Tunes, sync to remove it from the i Pad, and then try syncing again. From the Edit menu in i Tunes, choose Preferences, Devices and Reset Sync History.Podcasts have been known to cause errors during i Pad syncs.Select the Devices tab and check the box next to Prevent i Pods, i Phones and i Pads from Syncing Automatically.Click "OK" and make sure this option stays selected as you troubleshoot.